About Me



Why, hello.

I’m Shannon and I work the Midwest DOT -digital optimization team, which is a part of USA TODAY Network. I moved to Louisville about four years ago. That’s when I made the switch from reporter to digital producer to evening breaking news editor back to being a digital producer. 

I’m a typical millennial — I love playing with my dog and cat (Nora and Vin); cooking has become a hobby of mine during the pandemic; and I watch way too much television. And of course, I can make a mean charcuterie board. 

The one thing that I know I can brag about without any hesitation is my chocolate-chip cookies. I’ve made them from scratch since I was 13, and they are delicious. 

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do – which is hard during a pandemic. I’ve had to go to lesser known places near Louisville to do my traveling. My grandma live in Montana, and it’s one of the best places (there’s no humidity plus mountains!). I think it’s important to experience different areas of the country.

I’m a huge fan of local elections. It’s one of my favorite things to cover and to watch. I helped organize a public forum and two debates that were live-streamed. Too. Much. Fun. Honestly, I loved doing it.